Iā€™m intrigued by the beauty and intelligence of the natural world and its mystical aspects. This informs my work. My paintings depict black and brown women in ethereal environmental spaces. The works have multiple objectives. They are designed to provide women of color connectivity to a space where all body kinds, shapes, and sizes may be valued. Not all of my paintings have a figure present. These spaces are also meant to be transformational and examine how ecosystems and humans interact, taking into account how our living circumstances have an impact on our mental health. Through gardening, I have a connection to the fictitious naturals spaces of foliage and plant life which I depict in my paintings. My perception and experience of nature in my dreams are foundational in my paintings. My paintings are highly texturized with muted value but vibrant color. With or without figures, the subject is present. The paintings focus on their thoughts and feelings, encoded by these lush, natural spaces, all without the interruption and burden of societal pressures.